Alright, can True Blood not associate the Athan (or Islamic call for prayer) with the song indicating horror and death. Like, I get that they were cursed by a Muslim woman (which is not even possible because in her dying breath, a Muslim woman would be praying for God to have mercy on all who have died and for mercy on herself and safe passage to Heaven, NOT summon an Ifrit to kill everyone -either that or she’s a seriously messed up woman, but whatever TB -__-) but using theAthan for the music that represents the big bad Ifrit? Seriously?

I mean, it’s not EXACTLY the Athan, because you can’t exactly make out the words, but any Muslim would know that sound because they hear it 5 times a day.

SOME people really need to get their facts straight about Muslims and Arabs before writing about them (looking at you Alan Ball)

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Tara Thornton (TW: Abuse, Rape)


(spolier alert for those of you who haven’t seen True Blood)

Okay, so I usually enjoy io9’s tv recaps about true blood but for some reason or other Meredith Woerner’s got a real hate-on for Tara Thornton. Since like, season 1. And I just can’t fucking understand it. Tara has got to be one of the best, most interesting characters not just in True Blood, but in all of TV history.

Tara has been through some shit. Her mother has been emotionally and physically abusive throughout her life, the boy she was in love with never noticed her, she’s admitted to having low self-esteem and self-hatred (which how could you not growing up in the racist-ass south with all these shitty people?), she’s had to struggle her entire life with who she is and where she belongs. How could you blame her for acting out every now and again? AND LET’S NOT FORGET THE IMMENSE PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAUMA FROM SEASONS 3 AND 4 (i.e. the murder of her lover, the betrayal of someone she deeply trusted, her rape and psychological abuse). 

FUCK, MAN. But Tara is not a tragic figure. She gets stronger, she comes to accept her bisexuality, she tries to confront the vile things done to her by vampires and humans around her. Also, Sookie? Really, sleeping with Eric after he kidnapped and tortured the cousin of your supposed best friend? REALLY? God, sookie is a really shitty friend. Am I saying that Tara is faultless? No. She’s made some mistakes. That’s why she’s so compelling and interesting. She’s not perfect. Some people have said she exemplifies the “angry black woman” trope, but I think she goes deeper than that. I think any female character who isn’t angry or hungry or fucking driven isn’t that great of a character. 

And now we’re coming into season 5 and Tara has become the thing she hates most and I CANNOT FUCKING WAIT to see how vampire Tara deals with her new identity. I’m so fucking stoked for this. Because she has to deal with layers and layers of self-hatred and it is my one fucking wish that Tara gets a happy ending out of this or at least grows into herself. Also, I hope she fucking murders a bunch of white, racist assholes and kills all those who wronged her. 

Basically, what I’m saying is if you don’t like Tara you need to do some deep soul-searching and look at your life and look at your choices and realize you’ve probably got some misogynistic, racist tendencies in there somewhere and you need to sort out your life. Because Tara Thornton is better than you AND your faves. 

/end rant. 

So I’ve realized that in both “Buffy” and “True Blood” there was a lesbian character named Tara who tragically died by getting shot when someone attempted to kill their friend. Only one made me incredibly sad and the other just made me kind of happy. 0.O

Yeah I know what you mean because  I gave no fucks when Tara got shot in Buffy and was genrally upset when Tara died on True Blood, but at least she’s a badass vampire now. 

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A very funny scene from season one with Lafayette and Jason.

“Ooh lover, you gonna make me clutch my pearls.” LOL

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Please, please do go on and try and explain to me why Pam and Tara getting into a relationship isn’t completely out of character for Pam.

I can wait.

Lol why would it be out of character for Pam? Tara is one sexy woman vamp, if anything I’d say she is Pam’s type…or have you forgotten how much Pam likes women?

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Is it horrible that I kinda wished Tara wouldn’t come back?

You can wish whatever you want,  but you and the dumb fucks like yourself can kindly get the fuck out of the Tara Thornton tag, ain’t nobody got time for your bitchassness. 

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tw: rape, abuse

also i’m never gonna understand people who complain about Tara being whiny/ ungrateful

I mean jesus fucking christ

imagine being constantly subjected to

  • racism
  • abuse
  • sexual abuse
  • the constant threat of death
  • an irresponsible as fuck best friend is who is too concerned with white vampire dick
  • rape
  • torture

and then ask what the fuck does the one lone queer WOC on the show have to be grateful for

And in her last moments she does the most selfless act by literally taking a bullet for that gap-tooth bitch, and the fandom still celebrates her “supposed” death (but she’s alive though and I will be rubbing it in some salty bitch’s face).

This fandom, like any other in existence is racist and misogynistic - no one can tell me otherwise.

What’s worse about this fandom is I know that fandoms like Glee and TVD are full of children and teens but the majority of the people who watch True Blood are adults. You can’t wonder why the kids are fucked up when those who are supposed to be leading the way are just……evil. 

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Nelsan Ellis - Entertainment Weekly by Alexei Hay, June 15th 2012


Nelsan Ellis - Entertainment Weekly by Alexei Hay, June 15th 2012

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Nelsan Ellis - Entertainment Weekly by Alexei Hay, June 15th 2012


Nelsan Ellis - Entertainment Weekly by Alexei Hay, June 15th 2012

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Bitches in the Tara Thornton tag:


You have had your time to bitch, and moan and complain in this tag.

You have had your time to explain your dislike and outright hatred but have failed to provide real and true reasons on why you dislike her in this tag.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your time in this tag because it’s about to come to an end. 

Your ass will be handed to you by a group of us who are sick of your bullshit. 

This is your warning and our call to arms. 

This summer you betta not write checks your asses can’t cash!!!




soooooo apparently on imdb, Rutina Weasley’s character Tara is listed in season 5 episodes… shockingly that blow to the head didnt kill her

but if shes not dead who were Lafayette and Sookie burying in the yard at night

for him to call her the “Angel of Death”…hmmmmmmm….damn i wish it was June 11 already

Well she’s mentioned in the first 3 episodes. We don’t really know if it means she’s alive as a human or a vampire or if she’s a ghost or some shit like that. Hopefully she’s not a ghost.

Lala and Sookie could both be burying Tara, if she does get turned she’ll need to be buried.

Can’t they be burying Debbie, didn’t Sookie shoot her in the chest after she shot Tara? 


I liked Eddie Fournier.

Me too!


I liked Eddie Fournier.

Me too!

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