Like I as a black woman have had to identify with white women, and their relationships my entire life. 

And it’s gonna hurt you for ten seconds to watch a television show or movie where a black man/black woman are working out their relationship. 

Or just have a black woman in the show!? 

I’m so tired of television series that doesn’t have a black woman in the show at all! And I’m also tired of us being the hilarious sidekick in the background with no real backstory and no real lines. I’m looking at you every sitcom on NBC in the last 15 years. 

You wanna know how I know they don’t think of black women as women, when they cast a black man in a role but never think to cast a black woman as well because they’ve already filled their black quota. 

YET they show also has 3 white men and 3 white women…and that black guy. 

And if we are in the show the desexualize us, we aren’t allowed to be desired or wanted or have anyone pursue us. 

And folks wonder why old black sitcoms that come on TV1 and Centric are getting a new generation of kids watching because they need that representation so bad they’ll watch shit from 20 years ago. 

They’ll watch Jada Pinkett on A Different World instead of Zoe Deschanel on Fox. 

I’m sorry for these rants but I’m in my feelings this morning. 

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